Monday, January 23, 2012


This actually occurred last Friday, but since I worked all weekend I was just too lazy to update the blog.  We drove by today, but I don't think anything new had been done since Friday.


  1. I love all your selections - your house is going to be awesome!

    And - small world story - as I scrolled through the pictures in your blog, I realized that I recognize your lot - we are building in Somerset too. We are the Victoria Falls that is almost done with construction just across the street and down a few houses. We close 1/31 and will move in Super Bowl weekend.

    Hope we are meet you sometime. My son was born in July 2010 (and daughter in September 2008) - so we are so excited to see kids the same age around us.

  2. You asked about the oak staircase... I finally found a picture of them in an Avalon model, because going to BD's blog is the answer for all things. I shared a Ravenna with my sales rep, I think, but it should not matter. If your PM will talk to the folks at the factory, they can work it out.

    Here's the page with the stairs on BD's blog:

  3. @Ellen - How exciting to virtually meet our new neighbors! Our son was born August 2010. That will be fun to have someone close to his age so close by! Good luck with the rest of your build and the move. Such an exciting time! We're set to be done early April, I'm sure we'll see us stalking the lot many times before then!
    @Tammi - We were told we couldn't do the wood stair, because the stair in the Rome wasn't as wide as that in the Victoria Falls or Avalon - so an example in a Ravenna may be helpful, but I will provide this too. Our SR is on vacay until next week. Thanks for your help!! BTW your stonework looks AMAZING on your home!!