Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Only 2 weeks left

I don't even cook and I love this kitchen!

This kitchen looks really nice. The wife definitely selected the correct granite to compliment the cabinets.  And now we have a microwave!  A microwave that doubles as a convection oven.  lolz  And the range has been delivered as well.

When we stopped over this afternoon, the builders started my favorite feature of the house- the wood floor.  Combined with the stained bannisters and wrought iron spindles, the first floor looks fantastic.
The wood definitely adds more character to the dining room.

On a less exciting note, the Guardian guys have finished their wiring.  All the sensors and keypads have been installed.  I'm generally not into TV/movie stuff, but having speakers in the ceiling is pretty freakin' cool.
Added security is always a good idea

And I am very happy that the carriage light's bottom tip does not obscure the house number.  Unfortunately this is the case on a few homes in our neighborhood.  I did notice that lights are not perfectly centered, but this is not uncommon on other houses.  I will still pester the PM about it though.   :)

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  1. How are things now???? Are you moved in? I am very curious how the rest of your selections turned out. We are only 1 week away from settlement in the same model (although very jealous of your 3rd car garage!).